MASSAGE Price  Time
Classic massage
It eliminates muscle tension and pain through the use of traditional massage techniques.

270 pln (€ 65) 
380 pln (€ 90) 

 60 min 
90 min

Relaxation massage
It allows you to achieve a state of deep relaxation by removing the pain and stress, leaving an unforgettable feeling of lightness and full harmony.
 250 pln (€ 60) 
360 pln (€ 85) 
 60 min 
90 min
Mauri massage
Polynesian massage of the whole body which relaxes, eases tension and helps to achieve a perfect physical and emotional balance.
280 pln (€ 65)   60 min 

Lomi - Lomi massage
Hawaiian massage which helps to get rid of the toxins and is the basic element of rejuvenating therapies, guarantees healthy appearance and firm body. It also gives the feeling of relaxation and leads to achieving harmony between body and mind. 
390 pln (€95) 
490 pln (€120) 
90 min 
120 min 
Shea butter massage
Pleasant massage with warmed up butter, which connects relaxation of your body with deep hydration of the skin.
280 pln (€65)  
390 pln (€95) 
 60 min 
90 min
Hot chocolate massage
Deeply relaxing massage with dark chocolate - stimulates the secretion hormones of happiness - endorphins.
280 pln (€65) 
390 pln (€95) 

 60 min 
 90 min 

Hot stones massage
The combination of American indian ceremony, Far East medicine and the heat of volcanic basalt stones. It removes toxins from the body and stimulates the metabolism. It’s deeply relaxing.
460 pln (€110)   90 min 

Sports massage
Massage for people who care about shape and body. Sensational regeneration after intense training.
280 pln (€65)  45 min
Partial massage
Therapeutic massage, which removes the pain and congestion around the back.
170 pln (€40)  30 min
Anti - cellulite massage
It speeds up metabolism and removes toxins deposits - after such massage the body is oxygenated and nourished, the skin is smoother and firmer.
180 pln (€45)   40 min 
Lymphatic drainage for legs
It gives a feeling of lightness for tired legs by removing lymph stagnation in the lower part of the body.
190 pln (€45)   40 min 
Foot massage with reflexology elements
It harmonizes the energy in your body and relaxes.
150 pln (€35)   30 min
Face, head, neck and neckline massage
Very deeply relaxing. It contains elements of reflexology.
100 pln (€25)   20 min 


Price Time
Scrub massage 150 pln(€35)    30 min
Seasonal treatment 380 pln(€90)    90 min
Goat milk, shea butter & lychee
Pleasant, luxury treatment is providing immediate feeling of relief and long-term comfort along with moistening. It is based on relaxing massage. Perfect for the dry, sensitive skin, which needs feeding up.
340 pln(€80)    75 min



Price Time
Treatment with body peeling and back, neck and shoulders massage with warmed up shea butter.
320 pln(€75)   75 min


Price Time
Total Collagen facial lifting treatment with massage for hands, arms, neck and neckline. 420 pln(€100)  90 min
Total facial treatment with massage 350 pln(€85)   60 min
Gold peeling,mask & massage 290 pln(€70)   45 min


Treatments  Reiki  90 pln 
Candling ear 80 pln 
Conching ear 100 pln 

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